Dana ChisholmHi! I'm Dana Chisholm, recently retired Safety Manager from the Postal Service. So what am I doing on the sidewalk??? Well, I was invited to a Pro-Life Mississippi Spring Banquet. A young man got up and held a small baby of a mother he had counseled on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic. I was touched and asked how I could help. My friend, Esther, said," Well, lots of nice ladies will help there. Where we really need you is in front of the abortion clinic." Oh, ugh, just what I was afraid to do!!! But I felt a tug . . . My third child was an unplanned pregnancy--she turned out to be my lovely daughter. I was an unplanned pregnancy in the life of a scared seventeen-year-old who got married to a young Air Force sergeant over fifty years ago. Finally, I had a cousin who had an abortion at twenty and recently got the courage to tell her family at sixty. But what could I do??? However, I had done things with God's help that were not possible for me alone. I would try. So, armed with a Bible and gripped with dread, I reported. What I saw devastated me. The people going in had various body language-and drove everything from Jaguars to clunkers. There are:

  • ...the arrogant (it's my right)
  • ...stealth (hoody, sunglasses)
  • ...entire families bringing very young girls with birth certificates in hand
  • ...grandmothers and mothers dragging in reluctant young women
  • ...Many college students.

And only a few volunteers--many times one or two--on the sidewalk to offer these girls any other option. Some of them have been there since Roe vs. Wade and been arrested time after time. It's an uncomfortable situation that over half of the people in this country don't agree with, but many don't want to face the truth that 50-100 babies are taken from the womb weekly in a mediocre clinic while the mothers undergo psychological and emotional trauma with no follow-up. Where is the choice when a girl asks a friend to drive her to the clinic after skipping school, or work, never to be offered an alternative by anyone or solace afterward. The father has no say in the decision--even if he would support the mother. So, we pray, we sing, we talk, we try, most of all, we are there!